José Eduardo Gayotto -

Designer and Visual Artist.

Since 2017 - Noori Founder and Partner.

Besides all my childhood sketching, I could say I’ve started my carreer...

as graphic designer in 2004, and achieve my expertise many years later on, after working for publishing houses and design studios, as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and ilustrator.

Today I work as an Art Director for Rocky Mountain Publishing, and also have my own design studio, where I try to explore all Design areas, from Product Design, Service Design, Graphic Design to Exhibition Design and my personal art projects.

In 2016 I’ve founded a Startup exploring Data Science and technology subjects, during a Service Design and
Innovation course.

In 2017 I’ve studied Sculpture at MUBE SP with
Prof Israel Kislanski.

In 2017 I’ve also studied at IPEMA and graduated as Permaculture Designer - PDC (Permaculture Design Course), where the inspiration to create Noori- a modular fire burner. (

I’m very fascinated about our historical period, where technology and crafts are forced to live together.

I explore diverse medias as a Designer and Artist, painting,sketching, murals, sculpture, architecture, graphic design, UX design, Product Design, Utopian Design, and a little bit of music composing.


2016-... Art Director for Rocky Mountain Publishing House,
(GoOutside, RunnersWorld, Bicycling, Hardcore, RockySpirit and RockyMan events )

2015-2016 - Co-Founder - -

2013-2016 Art Director for HARDCORE Surf Magazine.

2009-2012 Worked for Conjunto {31} creating many projects (Logos, Books, Magazines, Visual Identity, Advertisings, Packages, Websites, etc) PRIZES: 2011- Graphic Design Bienal Prize - WTC Photos catalogue
2010- Fernando Pini de Excleência Gráfica - Finalista com o Dicionário Ilustrado do Vinho do Porto de Carlos Cabral e Manuel Pintão.

2008-2009 Special editions for SUPERInteressante and VIP magazine as a Graphic Designer working together with Art Directors: Alceu Nunes, Joana Figueiredo e Joana Amador, for Abril publishing co.

2008 I was invited by Denis Russo Bugierman,  to participate on a road project for Abril Publishing Co. traveling around Brasil during one month, 10 cities, to research and create a new magazine based on a Stanford Design Thinking Methodology.

Started my career at Trip Publishing Co, in 2004, designing magazines such as Trip, Mitsubishi, Private Brokers and Ambev. There I've been assistant designer for Art Directors such as: Edu Hirama, Beto Shibata, Beth Slamek, Graziela Iacoca and Alessandro Meiguins.

Paralel to Graphic Design, I've worked as an ilustrator for many other publications as Modo de Vida, Living Alone, Zupi, Vida Simples, Super Interessante, Audi, Tpm, Natura.

2017 MUBE (Museu Brasileiro de Escultura e Ecologia) Sculpture - From Modeling to Foundry - Prof. Israel Kislansky
2017 IPEMA - PDC - Permaculture Design Certificate

2015-2016 HIVELAB Brasil- Service Design and Innovation

2004-2005 Architetcure and Urbanism - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi - Non Completed

2002-2003 Rotary Youth Exchange Program - Katedral Skolan - Linköping - Sweden.